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My Story

Ever since I was a child I have always loved art. From drawing detailed pictures as a child to pottery and jewelry in my High School years. After High School I went to Maine College of Art. I wanted to become a ceramics major, but after taking metalsmithing and jewelry I was hooked, so I switched my major. I graduated in 1998 with my BFA in Metalsmithing and Jewelry.

I reside in Maine with my husband and son. Being on the coast is an important factor of my work. A lot of my jewelry has sea glass or beach stones in it. My son and I go out hunting a lot. To me hunting for sea glass and beach stones is very therapeutic and relaxing for me. I can spend hours staring at the beach floor looking for the perfect piece.  My son and I have our secret hunting spots that we have sworn to never to tell anyone.

I also have a passion for gemstones, they are my addiction. I love setting them with sea glass and beach stones. That way it gives my jewelry a polished and a natural look. I try to keep my designs simple but elegant. I am also always up for a challenge if a client wants a custom piece made.

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